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Bulk SEO

Hello There

Welcome to Bulk SEO Metrics. Here you can quickly and easily check the metrics of your chosen lists of urls, with a number of different metric providers supported. Originally a personal project for my own use, I decided to make the site public and give access to other SEOs and webmasters from around the world. The toolset will continue to grow in the future, and we aim to offer something useful for the beginner to the advanced alike.

How to Use Our Tools

Each tool works off a list of urls that you should input into the main text box. You can enter a maximum of 30 urls per tool use, and we will do our best to weed out any invalid or wrongly formatted entries. A few of the tools will also give you additional options, but they should be self explanatory and will affect what sort of data the tool provides. Due to the amount of data being processed, the run of each tool will take up to a couple of minutes - during which time you should keep your browser tab open until the job has been completed. Closing a tab or browser prematurely will mean the loss of any data we have to give you.

After the tool has finished your job you will be given a table containing the data we have managed to harvest about each url you've specified. The table will be sortable by each of the different columns. You'll also be given the option to download your data as either a .csv (character separated values) document, or an .xlsx document. You should be able to open either of these files in any modern spreadsheet software for you to keep and peruse at your leisure. In order to save disk space these download links will expire after a short interval, so if you want to keep a copy of the data we've harvested for you, please download it shortly after the tool finishes it's job.

You can access each of our tools using the menu above, or you can click on the corresponding button from the selection below:

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